4 comments on “SAGRN Mobile Pager Goes Live on Play Store!

  1. Hey mate, I am an SES volunteer and this app is extremely useful for me especially because I have just signed up with the unit and do not have a pager as yet.

    I was wondering if it is possible for you to expand on this application, so that it can read the page and display in Google Maps the location of the job?

    • That Depends really, is there enough information in the pages themselves to be able to get a decent location through Google Maps? I only relay on the information from the SAGRN Online Feeds, and I am not even from the area, but if I could take enough information to be able to give a Google Maps location I could try

      • Hi Colm
        Just wondering what’s happened to this APP – it’s been very useful for me, but I tell people about it and it’s not in the app-store any more 😦
        I noticed it’s on github, and is downloadable as an apk from various sites, but that’s not really suitable for no-technical people.

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