SAGRN Mobile Application – Android Application

  • Uploaded to Play Store

One comment on “Projects

  1. Hi C.Seale… I am a fire fighting volunteer in NSW in Australia. I have been trying to find an app that would help us to know who is responding to the fire call. The app called “Hot Crew” sounds like what we would like to use accept I can not get past the sign up page and there is no support that I can find. Basically we would like to know (we all carry pagers) after the pager goes off who is going to respond, who is on their way and how far are they from the fire station. Also it would be great to know who is available at any time, by that I mean member could by pressing a “unavailable” button on the screen notify his status wether available or not say he is going to be away from town for a short period and could make himself available when back in town by pressing “available” button. Your thoughts. Mark

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